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These 'supplements' are special 'focused' sections of The Bloxidge Tallygraph.  Think of them as  'pull-outs' along the lines of those you get with a quality Sunday newspaper!

Supplements allow us to cater for special interests more effectively, and allow YOU the reader to identify sections of The Tallygraph whic you may find particularly interesting.  We hope you enjoy reading them and watching them grow!

The Edditer

The Blakenall Supplement

Blakenall Heath (often referred to simply as Blakenall) is a distinctive community, an area of Bloxwich based around an old village church (Christ Church), shops, pubs, schools and green space.  It comprises mainly pre-war and recent housing estates and new developments, and in recent years some progressive community initiatives such as Blakenall Community  Centre and the remarkable Blakenall Village Centre have begun to transform the area.  For more on the history and other aspects of Blakenall, read our Blakenall Supplement:

The Culture Supplement


There is more to any community than just current affairs and history.  Its cultural life, whether literary, musical or artistic, is just as much a defining characteristic, and may be intertwined with many aspects of life and work.  Bloxwich is no different in this regard.

Check out the Culture Supplement to find out what's happening in and around Bloxwich:

Ballads & Bumps in the Night

Andrew 'Spooky' Perrins is a Black Country poet, artist and local historian.

He has kindly placed a selection of his work at the disposal of The Tallygraph, and you will find much to enjoy in his supplement:


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