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Local Blogs

This page aims to alert you, dear reader, to the Walsall and District Blogosphere at large, including parts of the historic county of Staffordshire and nearby.  There are some fine and informative blogs out there by local folk as well as politicians and others which may well be of interest.

Anyway, The Bloxidge Tallygraph is always pleased to support our local bloggers, even when they ain't Bloxidge folk!  Let The Edditer know if you have a local blog you think should be linked from here!

The Blogs

Vox Populi, Topical and Local News

The Forrener - Some say he is the reincarnation of Samuel Wilks, the Rebel of Bloxwich.  Others think that he keeps a pint of bitter from Tinky's under his hat for hot days...  All we know is that The Forrener is the often unheard voice of Bloxwich folk, crying in the wilderness...

Brownhills Bob - He stands tall on behalf of our near neighbour Brownhills, much as the 'Brownhills Miner' towers over the old Town Hall.  Brownhills Bob rarely minces his words, and is always forthright and to the point!

Common People - aka Pelsall News, the new local blog for our next door neighbours Pelsall!

Kate Goodall's Blog - a new Walsall blogger on the block -  watch this space!

The Mushroom - an occasional topical blog for Walsall. 

News and Views about Pheasey Park Farm - the topical blog for residents of the Pheasey area of Walsall bordering Great Barr.

Oakparkrunner's Blog - a fascinating local blog dedicated to  "the history of the disused and obsolete railways in and around the Brownhills area, with an attempt to link the past with the present day."

Pigblog by The Stymaster - thought-provoking and often forthright blog on a myriad of subjects.

The Plastic Hippo - With a keen eye and a sharp tusk for local politics, Walsall's most famous animal spends most of his time deep in thought on The Bridge, but when he has something to say, watch out! - not exactly a blog, this site draws together all local news and comment resources online for the Walsall area. Top dog in local news links!

In the Region

The Lichfield Blog - Although not a Walsall blog, The Lichfield Blog is a fine, highly professional news site and blog for the cathedral city with which Walsall and district has strong historical and ecclesiastical connections.

Longdon Local - the blog for Longdon, between Lichfield and Rugeley, offers a delightful flavour of life in a Staffordshire village.

Pits 'n' Pots - a top class leading edge news site and blog for Stoke on Trent, respected and very prominent in Staffordshire and the UK blogosphere alike.

A Little Bit of Stone - neat news blog reporting on all that's happening in Stone in Staffordshire. - excellent and highly recommended news blog for our neighbours in Wednesfield, Wolverhampton.

Local History and Heritage

Chasewater Stuff's Railway Blog - does what it says on the tin! 

Nature & Wildlife

Bloxwatch - an occasional nature blog for Bloxwich by our very own Libby Warren. 

Clayhanger Marsh Log - from the lost world that is Clayhanger, by birder Chas Mason. 

Local Musicians

The Illuminations band - Walsall's own Swamp Rockers!

Professional Journalists

Jayne Howarth - Formerly of the Walsall Advertiser and the Birmingham Post, now a freelance journalist.  Not strictly a local blog, but invariably interesting!

The Dan Slee Blog - Personal blog of Walsall Council press officer and former journalist who mainly discusses social media and PR in local government.

Walsall Politicians & Political Groups

The blogs below will help you keep in touch with local politics.  Sadly there are no Bloxwich Councillors in the Blogosphere as yet. 


Aldridge-Brownhills Lib-Dems (Roy Sheward) 

Aldridge North & Walsall Wood:

Councillor Mike Flower 


Bloxwich East Labour Party

Bloxwich West Labour Party

Blakenall Labour Party

Birchills Leamore Labour Party


Darlaston South Labour Party 

Bentley Darlaston Labour Party


Councillor Clive Ault

Councillor Marco Longhi

Councillor Garry Perry


Pheasey Park Farm Labour Party


Walsall North Labour Party

Walsall South Labour Party

Palfrey Labour Party

Pleck Labour Party

St Matthew's Labour Party

Willenhall North:

Councillor Ian Shires

Willenhall South:

Willenhall South Labour Party

Walsall Council Officers

North Walsall Area Partnership Donovan Bailey is Walsall Council's Area Manager for much of what was the old 'Foreign Ward' in days of yore.


Sporting Blogs

Up the Saddlers!  Supporting Walsall Footbal Club online since 1997.



Cake Review Blog 


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