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Bloxwich Carnival

Bloxwich Carnivals began with the aim of supporting the community, and have continued to do so throughout their history. 

Today, the Carnival is the most important community event of the year in our town.  You can find out more about it in this series of features, including reports on the past four years carnivals with many photographs!  More photographs may also be found in albums in the Centre Spread.


The current Chairman is Terry Bate.

Contact: M.W. Hinks (Secretary)
9 Wheatley Grove, Great Wyrley, Walsall, WS6 6ES

Telephone: (01922) 701676

Email: hinksm AT 



Bloxwich Carnival is now on Facebook:

Bloxwich Carnival Facebook



Bloxwich Carnival is now on Twitter as @BloxwichCarni 

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Bloxwich Carnival 2011 - LATEST


After a very successful day for Bloxwich Carnival on Saturday 6 August, The Bloxidge Tallygraph is proud to present a full feature and photo album for this premier Bloxwich event, which you may view via this link:



Bloxwich Carnival Running Order - opens 12 noon

The running order for Bloxwich Carnival on 6 August 2011 at King George V Playing Fields has been announced, as below.

The full programme will be available at the event, and admission with programme is £1.50 (under 16's 50p).


12.30pm - CARNIVAL QUEEN CROWNING CEREMONY and awards to Young Ambassadors.






IN ADDITION there will be the usual huge range of stalls, displays, food etc, plus the traditional and famous PAT COLLINS FUN FAIR!

Admission to Bloxwich Carnival costs just £1.50 adults, children under 16 £0.50. Rides etc cost extra. A great value family day out!

The main entrance is on the corner of Bealey's Lane and Bell Lane.

Some limited off-street parking may be available via the Stafford Road entrance to the park. Entrance is on foot only. 


Main arena event performers info:



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Bloxwich Carnival Ambassadors Announced

Bloxwich Carnival Ambassadors for 2011 (Pic: Deborah Baugh)
This year Bloxwich Carnival has fourteen young ambassadors chosen by local primary schools for their fine qualities and good attitude.   They are:
  • Chloe Wootton  - Abbey Primary
  • Jake Worley - Abbey Primary
  • Kadi Morrell-Davis - Christ Church CE Primary
  • Reece Hodson - Christ Church CE Primary 
  • Kyle Edwards - Green Rock Primary
  • Emily Jones - Green Rock Primary
  • Abbie Mayo - Little Bloxwich CE Primary
  • Reece Jones - Little Bloxwich CE Primary
  • James Davies - Elmore Green Primary
  • Alice Brindley - Elmore Green Primary 
  • Connor Harries - Blakenall Heath Junior School
  • Elle Wilson - Blakenall Heath Junior School
  • Reece Nunn - St Peter's Catholic Primary 
  • Katie Donogue - St Peter's Catholic Primary
They will all receive medals on carnival day, after the crowning of the Carnival Queen, Princess and Rosebud.

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Bostin' Bloxwich Carnival Special Issue

The latest Summer issue of the Bloxwich Business Partnership's BOSTIN' BLOXWICH booklet is a Bloxwich Carnival special, with pictures and info on the 2011 carnival.

Why not download a FREE copy via this link?

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Carnival Senior Citizens Party Report

Senior citizens from Bloxwich and district tuck in thanks to Bloxwich Carnival (All pix: Stuart Williams)

Dateline: 17 July 2011

Senior citizens from across Bloxwich and district joined forces with local youngsters and carnival supporters in an afternoon of food, fun and fine entertainment on Thursday when Bloxwich Carnival hosted them as guests at their annual party at the former Bloxwich Baths.

And some unexpected guests from local schools put the icing on the cake for the more than two hundred "old folks" attending, who tucked in at the invitation of the Carnival Committee via various local groups, organisations and nursing homes in the very civilised Art Deco surroundings of the former 1920s baths on Pinfold, which is now a permanent function hall associated with Bloxwich Leisure Centre.

Carnival Royalty ( L to R, rear) Abigail Nicholls (Bloxwich Carnival Queen 2011), Jessica Jones (Carnival Queen 2010), Lucy Kirk (Carnival Princess 2011) and Phoebe Willetts (Carnival Rosebud 2011) serve members of Leamore & Blakenall Snr Ciitizens Sons of Rest and 50+ Forum groups

The tradition of an "Old Folks Party" associated with the carnival goes back a long way in the village, with the annual spectacular (this year on 6 August) originally raising funds for local hospitals and ex-servicemen of the Great War following the 1919 peace celebrations, together with doing general good deeds and raising funds for the elderly of Bloxwich.
When the carnival - which has had remarkable ups and occasional downs over the decades and finished in 1985 due to lack of support - was revived by the Friends of Bloxwich Parks for the Millennium in 2000, it continued successfully under a new committee and in 2001 the "Old Folks" tea party was revived, at first taking place on the Friday before the Carnival, where invited senior citizens attended a performance by one of Pat Collins' fairground organs.

Air Cadets of Bloxwich-based 196 (Walsall) Squadron fly up and down the aisles delivering lunches with pinpoint accuracy!

This year's happy throng were not only very well-served by 'carnival royalty' Abigail Nicholls (Bloxwich Carnival Queen 2011), Jessica Jones (Carnival Queen 2010), Lucy Kirk (Carnival Princess 2011) and Phoebe Willetts (Carnival Rosebud 2011) but also by many members of Bloxwich Carnival Committee and other supporters, together with local young people from 196 (Walsall) Squadron Air Cadets, based in Bloxwich.

Carnival Committee member Roy Peace (right), Chairman Terry Bate (centre) and Mrs. Peace hand out scones

The event started off with a prayer from Rev. Kareen Lowther of Holy Ascension Church, Lower Farm.  Then, as well as a fine tea, the guests were treated to a grand singalong by veteran professional musicians and vocalists Antoine Socci (on accordion) and son Antony Socci (on trumpet) of Sapphire Entertainments, who really know how to work a crowd.

Two musical generations in harmony: Antony (left)  and Antoine Socci play up a storm

In addition to the serenading sounds of the Soccis, guests were also entertained by the remarkable talents of two groups from local schools who very kindly stepped in at the last minute after another act let the party down. 

The wonderful voices of the talented choir of Abbey JMI School, Mossley, easily filled the massive hall with a great range of songs.  They were followed later by a number of remarkable routines from the graceful young ladies of Walsall Academy Dance Group, plus excellent singer Jack, also from the Academy, who proved particularly popular with female members of the audience!

Members of Abbey School Choir sing their hearts out for the senior citizens of Bloxwich!

Young performers from Walsall Academy dance and sing to the delight of the audience

Little did they know that they were performing on the very stage that legendary acts such as Jerry Lee Lewis rocked on back in the 50s and 60s!

Finally, accompanied by much jollity from both stage and audience, the guests all took part in a free prize raffle organised by the carnival committee, with the winning tickets picked out by one of the Air Cadets. 

Raffle organiser Yvonne Westley (left) with prizes & Terry Bate (right) looks on as a young Air Cadet draws the raffle

Master of Ceremonies Terry Bate, Chairman of Bloxwich Carnival Committee, led proceedings and introduced both entertainers and carnival royalty alike to the happy, cheering audience.  And a very special moment was reserved for the most senior of the guests, Mrs Florence Elizabeth Riley of Bloxwich, who will be aged just 102 in August, with birthday wishes announced to all from the stage, and congratulations from Rev Lowther!

Rev Kareen Lowther (right, standing) congratulates 'Lizzie' Riley on her forthcoming 102nd birthday

Air Cadets join guests for a final dance on-stage, led by their Commanding Officer Flt Lt Ian Averill RAF VR (T)

Finally,  apart from having the pleasure of witnessing a great celebration of the value of our older residents and their irrepressible spirit and sense of humour, this reporter drew two important lessons from this event, which ought to be better acknowledged in the cynical so-called "big society", big-media Britain of today. 

Firstly, that the age-old British sense of community and charity does still exist - it shines out from all those involved in the organisation and support of very special events like this and Bloxwich Carnival itself. 

And secondly, that our often much-maligned "youth of today" deserve to be given far more credit and support than seems to be the case from the rants of politicians and tirades of the gutter press.  Certainly these kids, from the Air Cadets and the schools alike, surely have "the right stuff" and should be given credit for it.  The Bloxidge Tallygraph salutes them all! 

For a full album of photos from the party, follow this link to the hi-res set on Flickr.  And to find out about the history of Bloxwich Carnival, see our Bloxwich Carnival page!

Permanent story link here.

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Carnival Royalty 2011

Carnival Royalty, L to R: Jessica Jones (2010 Queen), Abigail Nicholls, Lucy Kirk and Phoebe Willetts. Rear: Terry Bate, the new Chairman of Bloxwich Carnival Committee (Pic: Steve Antill)

Dateline: 23 May 2011

Each year, a difficult choice must be made, and a great responsibility bestowed, in the ancient village of Bloxwich.

Every spring, the Bloxwich Carnival Committee - this year as last, with the considerable assistance of Bloxwich Rotary Phoenix and other supporters - has, through a panel of appointed judges, a most important duty to perform: the choosing of the Queen, Princess and Rosebud for the coming year.

And make no mistake, while the choosing is a heavy but enjoyable responsibility for the judges, the result is also a heavy - but equally enjoyable - responsibility for the lucky young ladies chosen from amongst the many competitors for the honour.

For the Queen in particular is expected to assist in many events of all kinds for a full year, and may be involved in the Carnival Committee if she wishes.  And she becomes a fully-fledged representative of Bloxwich, equal to any in the hearts of Bloxwich folk. Our new Queen will certainly have much to live up to, especially in comparison to 2010's unfailingly enthusiastic and hard-working Queen, Jessica Jones!

So this year, young ladies aged between 16 and 24 were invited to impress the judges and continue with all the good work that has been done by Jessica, who will certainly be a hard act to follow!  Selection also took place for a carnival princess aimed at 11-15-year-olds and a carnival rosebud aimed at seven to ten-year-olds.

This year as much as any other, the choice was a difficult one, and the competition fierce, but The Bloxidge Tallygraph can now reveal the results of last Saturday's Queen Choosing, which took place at St Johns Church, Victoria Avenue, and the names of all three of the village's new Carnival Royalty for 2011-12.

They are as follows:

  • Bloxwich Carnival Queen 2011:  Abigail Nicholls.
  • Bloxwich Carnival Princess 2011: Lucy Kirk.
  • Bloxwich Carnival Rosebud: Phoebe Willetts.

All will be publicly crowned by local dignitaries on Bloxwich Carnival Day, 6 August 2011, in the King George V Playing Fields.

We hope you will come along and see YOUR Queen and her entourage crowned, and have a great day of family fun in time-honoured Bloxwich tradition!

Meanwhile, here's to the new Queen of Bloxwich - Abigail Nicholls!

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Bloxwich Carnival 2011 - News 15/4/11

Dateline: 15 April 2011

This year’s Bloxwich Carnival, which is supported by Walsall Council, is all set for Saturday 6 August 2011 and will take place at King George V playing fields as usual.  As last year, there will be no carnival procession, due to health and safety restrictions. 

But there will be a wide range of special attractions and events through the day, plus a huge number of stalls - as well as the long-standing traditions of the Bloxwich Carnival Queen, her entourage, the young school ambassadors - and of course, Pat Collins' Funfair!

And 2010 Bloxwich Carnival Queen Jessica Jones's crown will be up for grabs soon as organisers set about finding her replacement to play an all-important role in the village’s big day and the coming year. And her entourage are also being sought!

The 2011 Bloxwich Carnival Queen, Princess and Rosebud will be selected on Saturday 21 May at St. John's Methodist Church Hall, Victoria Avenue, Bloxwich at 1.30pm.

Young ladies aged between 16 and 24 are invited to impress the judges and continue with all the good work that has been done by reigning carnival queen Jessica, who will certainly be a hard act to follow!

Selection will also take place for a carnival princess aimed at 11-15-year-olds and a carnival rosebud aimed at seven to ten-year-olds.

Previous holders of titles are not eligible to re-enter for the same categories but may enter another group provided they qualify by age.

The results will be published in The Bloxidge Tallygraph along with photographs of the new queen and her entourage. 

Organisers say that Bloxwich Carnival is one of the biggest in the West Midlands and it’s an event that attracts thousands of people.

Application forms and details can be downloaded via the following links:

Carnival Queen Entry Form - pdf    Carnival Queen Poster - pdf

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Bloxwich Carnival 2010

Bloxwich Carnival Royalty 2010: Rosebud Holly Arrowsmith, Queen Jessica Jones and Princess Jessica Watts (pix SW)

This year's carnival was a great success despite the roadworks and the shower half-way through!

Find out more on our front page or via this permanent link with Flickr photo album at the end of the report.

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Bloxwich Carnival 2010 - Programme Details

2010 Bloxwich Carnival Royalty: Jessica Jones (Queen), Jessica Watts (Princess) and (seated) Holly Arrowsmith (Rosebud) (pic: Stuart Williams)

Dateline: 23 July 2010

This year's Bloxwich Carnival takes place on Saturday 7 August 12 noon - 4pm and is once again entirely within the bounds of King George V Playing Fields, Bloxwich.  The main entrance is on the corner of Bealey's Lane and Bell Lane.  Some limited off-street parking may be available via the Stafford Road entrance to the park.  Entrance is on foot only.

Admission costs just £1.50 per person with the purchase of the special souvenir Carnival Programme on entry, which incorporates two 50p-off ride vouchers for Pat Collins Fun Fair plus a history of Bloxwich Carnival.

Bloxwich Carnival offers fine arena acts, a huge range of stalls, displays and a number of Carnival tableaux plus of course the long-standing tradition of Pat Collins Fun Fair. Food will be on sale and a special fund-raising Carnival Raffle will be held.



Experience this heart pounding exhibition of the movies' real fall guys and witness the art of the high fall.  We are all born with the fear of falling, yet in the movies the high fall always fascinates and thrills the audience.

Creating these spectacular action sequences requires cunning, ingenuity, courage and the amazing talents of professional stuntperformers.  Watch as they fall from up to 40ft in each of three non-stop 20 minute demonstrations of unique aerial awareness and control.



Around 20 pet dogs and owners will participate in a display that will appeal to all. The display will be accompanied by music as the dogs perform obedience demonstrations and a series of fun events, all accompanied by an informative and humorous commentary. Children are encouraged to become involved in part of the display. Contact: Sue on 01922 459903.



This band is made up of talented boys and girls between 11-16 years of age.  Based at the forest Arts Centre, Leamore, these enthusiastic young people have been making music together for more than twoyears.

Much in demand up and down the country, their music ranges from traditional Caribbean sounds to more western pieces, using authentic steel pans made in Trinidad.

Contact: John on 07809323056.



12 noon  CARNIVAL ROYALTY  The 2010 Bloxwich Carnival Queen Jessica Jones, Carnival Princess Jessica Watts and Carnival Rosebud Holly Arrowsmith progress from Benton's Sons of Rest to the Carnival Arena where they are joined by the young Carnival Ambassadors, local dignitaries and guests.

12.30pm  THE QUEEN'S CORONATION  The 2010 Bloxwich Carnival Queen, Princess and Rosebud are crowned and awards are presented to the young Carnival Ambassadors from local junior schools..








All acts and times are subject to availability and conditions on the day.

Never been to Bloxwich Carnival before? Why not check out the history of this wonderful event or have a look at carnivals of recent years?

See more via the following links:

The History of Bloxwich Carnival





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Be Queen of Bloxwich for a year!  Entry form below

2007 Bloxwich Carnival Queen Lindy Barnsley and 2007 Princess Nicole Hall give The Edditer a wave!  (pic: SW)

Dateline:  24 May 2010

2009 Bloxwich Carnival Queen Sally Kirk's crown will be up for grabs soon as organisers set about finding her replacement to play an all-important role in the town’s big day and the coming year.

The competition for a new queen is being held on Thursday 10 June 2010 at St John’s Church in Victoria Road, Bloxwich, at 6.00pm.

Young ladies aged between 16 and 24 are invited to impress the judges and continue with all the good work that has been done by reigning carnival queen Sally Kirk, a former Sneyd Community School sixth former.

Selection will also take place for a carnival princess aimed at 11-15-year-olds and a carnival rosebud aimed at five to ten-year-olds.  The results will be published in The Bloxidge Tallygraph along with photographs of the new queen and her entourage taken by Tallygraph Edditer Stuart Williams, who is acting as official photographer.

This year’s Bloxwich Carnival, which is supported by Walsall Council and sponsored by WHG, is set for Saturday 7 August 2010 and will take place at King George V playing fields.  A last year, there will be no carnival procession, but hopefully the weather will be a lot better!

John Millard, Walsall Council parks development officer, said: “Organisers say that Bloxwich Carnival is one of the biggest in the West Midlands and it’s an event that attracts thousands of people.

Last year’s carnival queen contest saw a record number of entrants and while Sally is a hard act to follow I’m sure there are many other young ladies out there who could do Bloxwich proud.”

Application forms and details are available from Tracey Brown on 0870 4581696 OR you can download them via the following links:

Carnival Queen Entry - pdf    Carnival Queen Entry - Word .doc


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Book your stall for the 2010 Carnival!



New Horizons' coconut shy at the 2009 Bloxwich Carnival (Picture: Stuart Williams)

Booking has now commenced for stalls and displays for the 2010 Bloxwich Carnival, which will take place in King George V Playing Fields, off Stafford Road, Bloxwich, on Saturday 7 August.

For more details and a booking form, please contact Carnival Committee Secretary Max Hinks via email:  or via the details below.


Contact: M.W. Hinks (Secretary)
9 Wheatley Grove, Great Wyrley, Walsall, WS6 6ES

Telephone (01922) 701676

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Bloxwich Carnival set for 2010

Dateline:  21 November 2009

At a meeting on Tuesday evening, Bloxwich Carnival Committee held its Annual General Meeting during which the date for next year's Carnival was agreed and elections held for the coming year's Committee, which now includes Bloxidge Tallygraph publisher Stuart Williams.

At the meeting, the Chairman, Ken Worley, also paid tribute to carnival programme editor George Jevons, who has retired after many years sterling service.  He also acknowledged the hard work of the Committee and the many supporters of Bloxwich Carnival, including the Carnival Queen and her entourage, officers of New Deal/New Horizons, Walsall Council staff and members of Bloxwich Rotary. 

Despite the disastrous weather on Carnival day this year which inevitably resulted in a significant drop in income, the organisation is still in good shape to maintain the traditional event, in part due to increased sponsorship (notably from Walsall Housing Group) and planning has already begun for next year.

The worst blow to Bloxwich's premier annual event in 2009 was however the need to cancel the parade for the first time since the Carnival's re-launch in 2000.  This was caused primarily by increased costs for road closures, transport shortages and health and safety red tape which made it impractical for the parade to continue.

Sadly, this also forced the signature moment of the event, the crowning of the Carnival Queen, Princess and Rosebud, a tradition going back decades, to be moved from its much-loved location by Bloxwich Fountain in Promenade Gardens to the King George V Playing Fields.  Together with the loss of the parade round the village (replaced by tableaux in KGV) this resulted in a loss of passing trade and the event's popular central focus.

Despite this, the Carnival was able to concentrate on King George V Playing Fields with some excellent stalls and attractions, and all went well despite damp conditions until an incredible deluge from the skies in the afternoon put paid to much of the fun, forcing an early conclusion - see our full illustrated report for more via this link.

Good news however was that there were a record number of entrants for the Carnival Queen contest, won this year by Sally Kirk, and the all-important senior citizens party was highly successful, possibly even the best since 2000.  Again, record numbers of fine Young Ambassadors representing local primary schools plus a quality programme and Pat Collins Fun Fair maintained the high standards expected from the event, now one of the largest Carnivals in the West Midlands. 

Despite the problems on the day, which were out of the control of the organisers, those who attended the 2009 Bloxwich Carnival still thoroughly enjoyed themselves, as did those attending on a similarly wet day in 1959! All this just goes to prove that you can't keep Bloxwich folk down!

It is hoped that something special can be arranged in the village centre, possibly in Bloxwich Park, to reinstate the central start of the Carnival next year, though it is very unlikely that the parade can be revived under present circumstances.

The 2010 Bloxwich Carnival will take place on Saturday 7 August.  The Bloxidge Tallygraph will be strongly supporting the event as usual - we hope you will too!


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Carnival 2009 Latest

Bloxwich Carnival is nearly with us, and as usual I'll be photographing the event for the Carnival Committee and for The Bloxidge Tallygraph.

The event, which is on Saturday 1 August 2009 and this year takes place entirely in King George V Playing Fields, Bloxwich, opens at 12 noon and crowning of the queen and her entourage plus awarding of medals to young ambassadors take place at 12.30pm. Event closes 4.30pm.

Admission: Adults £1.50, children up to age 16, 50p and under 5's free.

This year there's sadly no parade, but there will be tableaux in King George V Playing Fields replacing the floats, plus:
  • James Dylan's Stuntworld show - absolutely amazing!
  • Walsall School of Shotokan Karate display
  • New Horizons Dance Group 'Fusion'
  • New Washboard Syncopators Jazz Band
  • Arts & Craft Village
  • South Staffordshire Dog Show
  • Wide range of charity and organisation stalls
  • Stuart Rhodes Road Show
and the great PAT COLLINS FUN FAIR!

Download the official carnival poster here: BLOXWICH CARNIVAL POSTER 2009

The Edditer

Bloxwich Carnival Ambassadors Announced

Bloxwich Carnival's 2009 Ambassadors and Chairman Ken Worley at The Bloxwich Tardis.

Dateline:  7 July 2009
Once again Bloxwich is holding a spectacular Carnival. This year's event is on Saturday 1 August. The Carnival Committee have received the highest amount of nominations for young Carnival Ambassadors from the local schools. Eighteen children have been nominated for their efforts and achievements.

Bloxwich Carnival Committee is proud to announce the names of the children below. The children will wear their school uniforms to represent their schools in this year's event. The Ambassadors will form part of the civic party who will officially open the Carnival at King George V playing fields, where there will be an afternoon of fun for all the family.

The Ambassadors are:


  • Sam Jones: Abbey Primary School.
  • Thomas Davis: Blakenall Heath Junior School.
  • Luke Beards: Christ Church C of E Primary School.
  • Alan Mpofu: Edgar Stammers Primary School.
  • Alex Elshaw: Elmore Green Primary School.
  • Luke Dean: Green Rock Primary School.
  • Liam Bellingham: Harden Primary School.
  • Morgan Chaplin: Little Bloxwich C of E Primary School.
  • Bradley Hughes-Aldridge: Mossley Primary School.

  • Ella Bird: Abbey Primary School.
  • Lucy Brown: Blakenall Heath Junior School.
  • Amber Jenkins: Christ Church C of E Primary School.
  • Stephanie Banks: Edgar Stammers Primary School.
  • Chloe Barlow: Elmore Green Primary School.
  • Courtney Betts: Green Rock Primary School.
  • Sadie Wilkes: Harden Primary School.
  • Tenesha Perry-Johnson: Little Bloxwich C of E Primary School.
  • Olivia Smith: Mossley Primary School.
As always, The Bloxidge Tallygraph is delighted to support Bloxwich Carnival, and we send our congratulations and best wishes to the Carnival Ambassadors and their proud families and schools!

CARNIVAL AMBASSADORS, THEIR PARENTS OR THEIR SCHOOL STAFF ONLY:  Please email Stuart Williams via for a link to the special online photo album of today's photographs.  There is no charge for this service.


FOR FURTHER DETAILS CONTACT:  Ken Worley, Chairman, Bloxwich Carnival Committee:

Permanent story link here.

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Carnival News 2009


2008 Carnival royalty:  L to R:  Charlotte Ann Richards, Samantha Footman, Lindy Barnsley and (front) Saffron Lily Law.  Picture:  Stuart Williams.

Dateline:  14 May 2009

Bloxwich Carnival organisers have this week stated that despite the sad news that there will be no parade, the 2009 carnival will continue to build on the success of previous events which have over the past few years made the town's annual festival one of the biggest volunteer-run carnivals in the West Midlands.

Ken Worley, Chairman of the carnival committee, said "With much regret there will not be a street parade this year.  As with many carnivals it has had to be abandoned due to the increasing health and safety regulations, insurance and other costs."

"These factors have impacted on us as a committee and other volunteers such as road hauliers who provide the floats.  It is a requirement to record the drivers' hours (although they are volunteers), the sides of lorries have to have boards on the sides and a notice to stop throwing of coins onto floats.  Restraints also have to be put on floats for the occupiers.  This is compounded with the necessity in the West Midlands to have to employ private marshals for traffic control, and in the case of Bloxwich changes to the traffic flow at Somerfield Road and the impending Red Route."

Bloxwich Carnival has been told it must increase its public liability insurance from 5 million to 10 million this year.  The cost in putting on a parade now well exceeds 2000, and with street collections only netting 480 last year it has been decided to return to the successful formula of three years ago by concentrating efforts on the show in King George V Playing Fields.

The elements of the carnival will still all be included, however, with static tableaux by community groups taking the place of floats.  The election and crowning of the Carnival Queen, Princess and Rosebud as well as the awards to the young Bloxwich school ambassadors will continue to take place and it is hoped these will be transported down the High Street after crowning in King George's field.

Mr. Worley concluded "We hope the people of Bloxwich, Blakenall and Leamore will appreciate why such actions have had to be taken, and we look forward to their continued support."


The daring  James Dillon Stunt Team will return this year with a new programme.  Canine capers by the talented pooches of the South Staffordshire Dog team will entertain all.  Live music is courtesy of the New Washboard Syncopators Jazz Band.  A wide variety of craft emonstrations will be laid on and many stalls will be on show from local voluntary groups as usual.  Last but definitely not least, the legendary Pat Collins Fun Fair returns to its spiritual home as the icing on the cake!

Families will be delighted to hear that there is no increase in admission charges over last year, and the carnival remains a non-profit function with proceeds being ploughed back into future events and the traditional senior citizens party. 


The long-term future of Bloxwich Carnival depends on new volunteers coming forward, either to work within the committee or to help on the day itself.  New people, regardless of age, are urgently required!  If you would like to help put something back into your local community, contact Ken Worley (see below).


CARNIVAL ROYALTY - The election of the Carnival Queen, Princess and Rosebud will take place at St. John's Church, Victoria Avenue, Bloxwich on 11 June at 6pm.  Contact John Millard on 07961 160663 or 07736 388209 for details and application forms.

COMMUNITY TABLEAUX - If you are interested in setting up a Community Tableaux (formerly float) please contact Dave Chell at Bloxwich Community Partnership on 01922 682228.

SENIOR CTIZENS PARTY - This will be on 16 July at Bloxwich Sports & Leisure Centre.  Contact Max Hinks on 01922 701676 for details.

CARNIVAL DAY - Saturday 1 August in King George V Playing Fields. 

GENERAL INFORMATION - Ken Worley on 01922 400356.

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