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Unless otherwise indicated, all modern photographs on this website are by Stuart Williams.  Copyright © is reserved in all cases.

Unless otherwise indicated, text on this site is by Stuart Williams.  Copyright © is reserved in all cases.  Other text is copyright © of the credited author or source, of whom due acknowledgement is made.  Special thanks to George Jevons for his contributions on Bloxwich Carnival and Bloxwich Parks.

Walsall Local History Centre - historic images

Unless otherwise indicated, the majority of period photographs published on this website are published courtesy Walsall Local History Centre and permission for this has been granted by the Centre.  Such photographs are either out of copyright, permission has been granted to WLHC by the copyright holder, or the copyright holder is unknown.  Special acknowledgement is made to Jack Haddock, local historian, author and transport photographer.  His collection is held at Walsall Local History Centre.

Copies of WLHC photographs are available to buy, subject to copyright, direct from the Centre.  See the Walsall Local History Centre website for contact details, or visit Walsall - A Click in Time for online ordering from around 3,000 photos (about a quarter of the WLHC collection).  Also see Black Country History, the searchable online catalogue for the Black Country archive services, which includes photographs and listings of documents from Walsall Local History Centre and the other Black Country local record offices: 

Grateful thanks are given to Walsall Local History Centre and the 'Documenting the Workshop of the World' project (which produced the Black Country History website) for their kind assistance.

Bloxwich Past & Present - publisher and editor Steve Attwood

Local historian and publisher Steve Attwood, formerly of Bloxwich and now of Wolverhampton, published a series of magazines entitled 'Bloxwich Past & Present' in the 1990's.  Mr. Attwood has now kindly granted the Edditer of the Tallygraph, Stuart Williams, permission to republish articles and photographs from these magazines on this website.  In each case, such articles and photos will be duly acknowledged with the source as:  'Courtesy Bloxwich Past & Present' and the author or photographer if known.

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Copyright is reserved in all cases where applicable.  

No breach of copyright is intended in any case and no responsibility for same is accepted by the Edditer, The Bloxidge Tallygraph or Walsall Local History Centre. 

If you are the copyright holder of a period photograph which is still in copyright, please advise the Edditer quoting your evidence for this and, if proven, any such image will be removed immediately.

Images or text from this site may not be used on any other website or in any publication without written permission for which a fee may be charged.

The printing of pages from this website is permitted for non-commercial private use and by non-commercial organisations or groups whose members may be pictured herein.

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